Our Approach

At the heart of our approach is a commitment to developing a thorough understanding of each client’s business and culture.


Chris Anstee and Wine and Vine Personnel Associates travel regularly through the Australian and leading international wine markets and regions to update our knowledge of the actual conditions and culture of the environments relevant to our client companies. These currently include: Australia .China, and SE Asia, UK/EU, USA/Canada, S Africa, NZ, among others.

We attend Australian and international trade shows and seminars eg Prowein, Vinexpo (Bordeaux/Hong Kong), and maintain a range of industry links including Wine Australia the Australian Sommeliers Association, Wine Communicators of Australia, Australian First families of Wine .

Key Features of our Approach

Personal & Specific

We take the time to understand fully the business, objectives and culture of every client company. We only present candidates whom we are confident will succeed in each client’s specific circumstances.

Systematic Process

The methodical approach used by Wine and Vine Personnel International has been developed and proven in many hundreds of successful placements.


This method is rigorously and thoroughly applied to ensure that people are truly suited to the position. The result is a fair comparison of all applicants.

Beverage Industry Focus

As Wine and Vine Personnel exclusively recruits for the wine and beverage-alcohol industry, employers are confident that we attract the highest calibre of candidates.


The Principals of Wine and Vine Personnel are wine and beverage-alcohol business professionals who have many decades of personal experience of management and performance accountability.

Our Guarantee

We undertake to re-recruit from our database without further fee if any candidate for any reason leaves his/her employer within 6 months of commencement.


Over the years Wine and Vine Personnel has adopted the following Code of Ethical Practice by which we conduct our assignments:

  • To communicate our Terms and Conditions of Business to the client before commencing an assignment.
  • To declare any potential conflict of interest to the client before undertaking the assignment.
  • To take all reasonable steps to retain the anonymity of the client until clearance for disclosure has been given.
  • Not to knowingly pass on information about a candidate which might cause that person to be identified without the prior agreement of the candidate.
  • If a candidate has been recruited for a position by us, we will not approach or induce that person to move to another position while he is employed by the same client.
  • The employees of any client for which we have a preferred supplier agreement will not be approached by us as part of an executive search.
  • Candidates will be given objective feedback on their applications. They will be treated with dignity and given constructive counsel when this would assist.
  • Not to charge candidates a fee to place them.
  • Not to advertise non-existent positions.
  • Details of the positions for which we hold assignments will be passed on as given to us by the employer. Candidates who proceed to the interview stage should make their own enquiries as to the accuracy and adequacy of this information.
  • To comply with all the relevant legislation relating to our profession.

Wine and Vine Personnel International is an accredited Corporate Member of the RCSA – Recruitment and Consulting Services Association Ltd, Australia’s leading Professional Recruitment Association and subscribes to its professional training courses and Code of Ethics.

Candidates may contact the NSW Department of Fair Trading for full information on their rights. .


Want to find out more?

Whether you are an employer or a candidate, one of our principals will gladly discuss our services in more detail with you in complete confidence.