For Employers

Over the past decade, Wine and Vine Personnel International has successfully successfully identified and presented candidates for hundreds of senior positions within the wine and drinks industry globally


Over half of our work is for clients whom we have served for many years. A distinctive feature of the wine and drinks business is the high proportion of individuals who remain in the international drinks industry for their entire career. We value our clients as people and take pride in finding the best available candidates who suit their specific requirements and business culture. We are also often able to offer guidance to clients on ensuring the successful and effective deployment of the candidates they select.

Many disciplines within the wine business are highly specific to the industry e.g. wine-making, brewing oenology and viticulture, lab and QA work. Other skills, such as finance, sales and marketing may be somewhat more transferable from one industry to another. In such cases, our professional experience enables us to advise and work with clients to ensure their selected candidate is likely to transition successfully into his/her future role.

We also offer the following services:

  • General Wine Business Consultancy
  • Executive performance benchmarking
  • Salary surveys and benchmarking
  • Remuneration packaging;
  • Accredited Psychological Profiling
  • Outplacement Counselling and Guidance



Why is Our Approach Successful for Employers?

Handled Personally

Each assignment is handled personally by either Chris Anstee or a Wine and Vine Personnel Associate who is allocated to the client from start to finish. Before commencing any assignment, we thorougly familiarise ourselves with our client’s business, objectives and, most importantly, the culture in which the successful candidate will be working.

Better Candidates

The best candidates seldom scan job advertisements. They need to be personally alerted to good roles and be convinced of the role’s career benefits and suitability for them. They often prefer to make initial enquiries through an anonymous third party on whom they can rely to give both independent advice and to maintain strict confidentiality.

Thorough Research

All applicants are thoroughly researched and reference checked so that only applicants suited to a position proceed to final interview. Third party reference checking consistently yields more accurate, relevant information and feedback than those knowingly given to a prospective employer.

Time and cost saving

Executive search is central to our process. Thorough, professional recruitment is time consuming. We will not present candidates whom we do not believe meet the client’s criteria merely to “impress” clients with the number of candidates shortlisted. Valuable management time is used up prioritizing applications, background vetting, talking to unsuitable candidates, travel, phone calls etc. While representing the employer’s interests, Wine and Vine Personnel will bring an informed yet dispassionate management perspective to the recruitment process.

Extensive database and search channels

In a large proportion of assignments, top candidates will already be known to us, or to individuals in our extensive Australian and global network. Because of our reputation, Wine and Vine Personnel’s website enjoys high traffic from prospective candidates.

Performance Guarantee

We conduct an independent, post-placement review with each candidate. Furthermore we undertake to replace, without further fee, any person who leaves his/her employer within 6 months of commencement.

Want to find out more?

Whether you are an employer or a candidate, one of our principals will gladly discuss our services in more detail with you in complete confidence.